Essential List of SAP HR Authorization Objects

Authorization objects enable complex checks of an authorization, which allows a user to carry out a particular transaction in SAP. An authorization object can group a maximum of ten authorization fields that are checked in an AND relationship.

SAP HR Authorization Objects
SAP HR Authorization Objects

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SAP HR Time Management and Payroll End User Guide

This guides intents to explain the Time Management in SAP HR such as maintain absence, absence quota generation and Time Events Maintenance.

  • Time Management workschedules
    • Create work schedule- PT01
    • Change Work schedule- PT02
    • Display Workschedule-PT03
    • Change Holiday calendar-SCAL
    • Display Holiday Calendar-SCAL
    • Create /Maintain Absence
    • Create Absence Via Fast entry
    • Create time events
    • Employee Remuneration Info – Over time
    • Input Substitution via Maintain Data
    • Quota Generation by using Time Evaluation
    • Quota Overview
    • Quota Generation By using RPTQTA00
  • Payroll
    • Maintain Basic Pay
    • Create/Maintain Recurring Payments/Deduction
    • Create/Maintain Additional Payments
    • Maintain Off-cycle Payments
    • Payroll Simulation

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SAP HR Personnel Administration (HR-PA) Overview Presentation (120 slides)

This course provides instructions for the basic concepts in Personnel Administration and its integration with other Human Resources modules in SAP.
After reading this slide you will:

  • Know how to create, change and display employee master data records.
  • Know how to perform hiring, transfer and leaving actions.
  • Know how to run various personnel administration reports.
  • Have an understanding of the basic concepts in the ability to record employee suggestions and track their approval.
  • Understand the record awards given to employees including employee of the month and employee of the year.

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SAP HR ABAP User Manual

This document is intended to explain the Process of creation and maintain Employee Data through Personnel Actions in SAP HR Personnel Administration.

  1. Personnel Administration
    • Personnel Actions – PA40
    • Hiring
    • Confirmation
    • Promotion
    • Transfer
    • Termination/Seperation
    • Change in Pay
    • Resignation
    • Rehire
  2. Maintain Master Data – PA30
    • Family Member/Dependents – IT0021
    • Internal Medical Service – IT0028
    • Communication – IT0105
    • Personal ID – IT0185
    • Date Specification – IT0041
    • Objects on Loan – IT0040
    • Education – IT0022
    • Other/Previous Employers – IT0023
    • Qualifications – IT0024
    • Appraisals – IT0025
    • Passport Details – IT9003

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SAP HR-OM Manual: Step by Step Instructions for End Users

This sample document is intended to explain the Organization Structure creation and Maintain organizational data in SAP Human Resources module.

  1. Organizational Management
    • Create Root org unit- PPOC_OLD
    • Create/Change Org unit- PPOM_OLD
    • Change Org unit-PPOM_OLD
    • Change/Maintain Relationship between Org units-PO10
    • Display Structural Graphics-PPOS_OLD
    • Delimit Org unit-PPOM_OLD
    • Assign Cost center to Org unit –PO10
  2. Positions and Jobs Maintenance 16
    • Create Positions – PPOM_OLD
    • Maintain Position Relationships
    • Change Position
    • Delimit Position
    • Create Job
    • Change Job
    • Maintain Job
    • Assign Holder
  3. Reporting Structure and Vacancy Creation
    • Create Vacancy
    • Delete Vacancy
    • Create Reporting structure
    • Create Chief
  4. Reports
    • Organization structure – S_HR_61016493
    • Organization structure by person – S_AHR_61016495
    • Staff Assignments- S_AHR_61016503
    • Vacant Position report- S_AHR_61016509

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SAP HCM: Time Recording Using CATS

CATS is a standard tool provided by SAP and is a cross application component of the SAP R/3 System. It is an integrated function that is used to enter actual time data important in HR, PS, PM, CS, CO & MM –SRV. CATS enable to record time data in the time sheet for various components on one central screen, to collect employees working times towards other SAP System applications (target components) that receives and process employee or labor times.

After reading this document you will;

  • Gain understanding of the key business process of the Cross Application Time Sheet.
  • Gain understanding of the key terms and definitions of the Cross Application Time Sheet.
  • Gain understanding of the integration of CATS with other SAP modules.

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SAP HR Time Management – Step by Step Manual for End Users

Step by step guide to Time Management in SAP HR for key users with screenshots. Maintain Time Data Maintain Time Data Work schedule Create Work schedule Change Work schedule Display Work schedule Attendance Create Attendance Change Attendance Display Attendance Creation of Public holiday Substitution Absences Create Absences Change Absences Display Absences Absence Quotas Create Absences …

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