Essential List of SAP HR Authorization Objects

Authorization objects enable complex checks of an authorization, which allows a user to carry out a particular transaction in SAP. An authorization object can group a maximum of ten authorization fields that are checked in an AND relationship.

SAP HR Authorization Objects
SAP HR Authorization Objects


P_PERNR (user’s own HR master data check)

  • Defines what HR master data (in the PA module) users can access about themselves, as well as the level of access (read, write, etc.)

PLOG (personnel planning check)

  • Defines what objects within Organizational Management (OM), Training and Event Management (PE), and Personnel
  • Development (PA-PD) modules a user can access (e.g., infotype, plan version, object type, etc.)

P_HAP_DOC (appraisal documents)

  • Defines access to appraisal documents (e.g., appraisal template ID, level of access, etc.)
  • Specific to the new Performance Management functionality (Objective Setting and Appraisals [OSA])

P_ORGINCON (Context-sensitive HR master data check)

  • Same as above P_ORGIN, but can be used in conjunction with structural authorization

P_ORGIN (HR master data check)

  • Defines what HR master data (in the Personnel Administration [PA] module) users can access (infotype, personnel area, employee group, subgroup) as well as the level of access (read, write, etc.)

S_TCODE and P_TCODE (Transaction checks)

  • Define which transactions users can start

P_TCODE specific for HR (provides an additional level of security)

  • With authorization object, P_TCODE, enables you to check whether a user is authorized to start the different HR transactions.
  • This authorization object contains the HR transaction codes without their own authorization object

P_PCLX (HR: Clusters)

  • Area identifiers for clusters (T52RELID values) & Auth level (R, U, S)

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