SAP HR Time Management and Payroll End User Guide

This guides intents to explain the Time Management in SAP HR such as maintain absence, absence quota generation and Time Events Maintenance.

  • Time Management workschedules
    • Create work schedule- PT01
    • Change Work schedule- PT02
    • Display Workschedule-PT03
    • Change Holiday calendar-SCAL
    • Display Holiday Calendar-SCAL
    • Create /Maintain Absence
    • Create Absence Via Fast entry
    • Create time events
    • Employee Remuneration Info – Over time
    • Input Substitution via Maintain Data
    • Quota Generation by using Time Evaluation
    • Quota Overview
    • Quota Generation By using RPTQTA00
  • Payroll
    • Maintain Basic Pay
    • Create/Maintain Recurring Payments/Deduction
    • Create/Maintain Additional Payments
    • Maintain Off-cycle Payments
    • Payroll Simulation

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