SAP S4HANA Asset Accounting Configuration Guide [102 Pages PDF]

This comprehensive configuration guide [102 Pages PDF] covers the end-to-end setup of the SAP S/4HANA Asset Accounting (FI-AA) module for a fictitious company operating in the United States, with reporting requirements for US GAAP, IFRS, the local currency (USD), the group currency (EUR), and a hard currency (GBP). It serves as a valuable reference for professionals tasked with implementing the Asset Accounting module in SAP S/4HANA to meet diverse financial reporting needs.

The guide meticulously walks through following configuration tasks:

  1. Activate Business Functions
  2. Copy Reference Chart of Depreciation
  3. Assign Accounting Principles to Depreciation Areas
  4. Assign Chart of Depreciation to Company Code
  5. Define Asset Classes
  6. Configure Depreciation Keys (Base, Declining-Balance, Multi-Level Methods)
  7. Define Screen Layouts for Asset Master Data and Depreciation Areas
  8. Integration with General Ledger (Assign G/L Accounts, Posting Keys)
  9. General Valuation Settings
  10. Special Valuation Settings
  11. Information System Configuration (Forms, Reports)
  12. Asset Data Transfer from Legacy Systems
  13. Revenue Distribution for Asset Retirement
  14. Consistency Checks

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