GST Configuration in SAP S4HANA: Complete Guide

GST is a comprehensive indirect tax system implemented in India. All businesses need to obtain a GST Identification Number (GSTIN) and configure GST in their ERP system.
This PDF document provides a comprehensive guide for configuring GST in SAP S/4HANA step-by-step following the IMG menu path. Key configurations covered include business place, condition types, account keys, G/L accounts, account determination, tax procedure definition and assignment.
List of steps covered in the document are:

  1. Activate business place and define business places for company codes.
  2. Define access sequence for GST condition types.
  3. Create condition types for input and output GST – CGST, SGST, IGST.
  4. Define transaction tax account keys for input and output GST accounting.
  5. Create G/L accounts to post GST amounts.
  6. Do account determination to map G/L accounts to tax account keys.
  7. Define tax calculation procedure with condition types, access keys, calculation steps.
  8. Assign GST tax procedure to India in SAP.

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