Beginner’s Manual to Asset Accounting in SAP FI

After reading this step by step SAP FI-AA document, you will be able to

  1. Organization structure
    • Define a chart of depreciation
    • Assign a chart of accounts and a chart of depreciation to a company code
    • Describe how Asset Accounting is integrated with Cost Accounting
    • Name asset classes
    • Assign asset classes to assets
    • Define which depreciation areas post their values to the general ledger
  2. Master data
    • Structure assets by creating asset classes
    • Create and change master data in Asset Accounting
    • Process mass changes using a work list
  3. Asset Transactions
    • Post integrated and non-integrated asset acquisitions in the system
    • Post integrated and non-integrated asset retirements in the system
    • Represent intra company and intercompany asset transfers in the system
    • Represent assets under construction in the system
    • Represent unplanned depreciation in the system
  4. Periodic processing
    • Define depreciation areas
    • Describe how a depreciation term is used in different depreciation areas
    • Control the calculation of depreciation
    • Analyze depreciation values
    • Initiate the depreciation posting run
    • Explain the tasks of the fiscal year change and year end closing
  5. Information system /Reporting
    • Choose and execute the various Asset accounting reports
    • Set up variable sorting and totaling for Asset reporting
    • Create the Asset history sheet and structure it to meet your needs
    • Generate a depreciation forecast
    • Simulate depreciation for Assets

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