SAP FSCM Dispute Management Configuration Guide

This PDF configuration guide provides an overview of the setup and customization required in SAP’s Dispute Management module, which is part of the Financial Supply Chain Management suite. Dispute Management enables companies to efficiently track and resolve disputes related to accounts receivable. This guide covers the core configuration areas needed to get Dispute Management operational. Key integrations with Accounts Receivable Accounting are also discussed. Following proper configuration, companies can leverage Dispute Management to optimize dispute resolution, reduce outstanding receivables, and strengthen customer relationships.

Key sections covered in this document are;

  • Customizing in Accounting
  • Customizing in Dispute Management
    • Creating RMS ID
    • Configuring Element Types and Case Record Models
    • Setting up Attribute, Function, Text, and Status Profiles
    • Defining Number Ranges
    • Configuring Case Types
  • Integration with Accounts Receivable Accounting
    • Activating Process Integration
    • Setting Default Values
    • Enabling Write-Offs
    • Implementing Custom Enhancements

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