SAP FSCM User Manual [PDF]: Disputes & Collections Management

FSCM (Full Form: Financial Supply Chain Management) in SAP optimizes the financial & information flows within a company and between business partners.
In this pdf document, end user instructions for SAP Collections Management (application for proactive receivables management) and SAP Dispute Management (application for efficient processing of receivables-related dispute cases) are given in detail with SAP GUI screenshots.

  • SAP Collections Management Tasks
    • Prepare customer contact
    • Carry-out customer contract
    • Define Collection Strategies
    • Process Collection groups
    • Edit Business Partner Master Record
    • Monitor Collection of Receivables
    • Change Assignment of Collection Group and Collection Specialist to Customer
    • Process Receivables Functions
  • SAP Dispute Management Tasks
    • Creating a dispute case
    • Searching for a dispute case
    • Closing a dispute case

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