Quality Management (QM) Configuration Guide in SAP S/4HANA

This pdf document is a sample configuration guide for Quality Management (QM) module in SAP S/4HANA, specialized for automotive industry. Each section in the document provides detailed steps on how to perform the configurations in the SAP system, including the IMG Menu Path/Transaction Code, Description and Configuration Values, and Recommendations. Here’s a summary of the key points:

  1. Introduction: The document aims to provide configuration details for the SAP QM module and is intended for application system administrators. It covers the scope of implementation, the proposed organization structure, and the configuration details.
  2. Maintain Setting at Plant Level: This setup allows you to change and supplement several central controlling functions at the plant level. These functions relate to the planning and implementation of quality inspections.
  3. Define Catalog Types: Catalogs are used in Warranty Processing when you enter items for a version. They can be used as a list of defect codes, labor values, or external services.
  4. Define Sample Type: The sampling type defines the basic conditions for determining the sample size for each inspection characteristic.
  5. Rule for Sample Determination: The sample determination rule is stored in the sampling procedure itself and not in the sampling type.
  6. Define Valuation Mode: The valuation mode, together with the sampling type, defines which parameters the system uses to determine a sample size.
  7. Modify Valuation Rule: This step is to modify the valuation rule.
  8. Assign Task List Types to Material Types: This step is to assign task list types to material types.
  9. Define Task List Usage: This step is to define task list usage.
  10. Define Task List Status: This step is to define a task list status.
  11. Inspection Type: When an inspection lot is created, the system uses the inspection lot origin to determine how the inspection lot will be processed.
  12. Assign Inspection Type to Lot Origin: This step is to maintain the inspection lot origin and assign the inspection type.
  13. Deactivate Inspection For A Goods Movement: This step is to deactivate inspection for a goods movement.
  14. Define Inspection In Plant Maintenance: This step is to define inspection in plant maintenance.
  15. Define Recording Configuration: This step is to define the recording configuration.
  16. Define Filter For Inspection Characteristics: This step is to define the Bill of Materials (BOM) and routing selection.
  17. Define Control Key In Operation: This step is to define the control key in operation.

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