SAP QM Complete End User Guide: 63 Transactional Process (483 Pages PDF)

This SAP QM End User Guide (483 Pages PDF) provides a comprehensive list of 63 no of transactional processes. Each process is accompanied by a Business Process Overview, Tips & Tricks, and Procedural Steps, including screenshots.

Complete list of transaction codes covered in this are as follows;

Transaction CodeProcess Description
CRQ1Create Work Center (QM)
CRQ2Change Work Center (QM)
CRQ3Display Work Center (QM)
MM01Material Master(QM View)
MM02Change Material Master(QM View)
MM03Display Material Master(QM View)
QA01Inspection Creation Lot Manually
QA02Change Inspection Lot
QA03Display Inspection Lot
QA08Collective Processing of Insp
QA11Record Usage Decision
QA12Change Usage Decision With History
QA13Display Usage Decision
QA14Change UD Without History
QA16Collective UD For Accepted Lots
QA32Change Data For Inspection Lot
QA33Display Data For Inspection Lot
QAC1Change Inspection Lot Actual Quantity
QAC2Transfer Inspection Lot Quantity
QAC3Reset Sample
QDV1Create Sampling Procedure
QDV2Change Sampling Procedure
QDV3Display Sampling Procedure
QE01Record Inspection Characteristic Results
QE02Change Inspection Characteristic Results
QE03Display Characteristic Results
QE11Record Results For Inspection Point
QE51NInspection Results Work List
QE52Worklist – Results for Physical Samples
QF03Display Defect Data
QF11Record Defects for Inspection Lot
QI01Create Quality Info Record
QI02Change Quality Info Record
QI03Display Quality Info Record
QI06QM Releases-Mass Maintenance
QM01Create Quality Notification
QM02Change Quality Notification
QM03Display Quality Notification
QM10Changte List of Quality Notifications
QM11Display List of Quality Notifications
QM12Change List of Tasks
QM14Change List of Items
QP01Create Inspection Plan
QP02Change Inspection Plan
QP05Print List for Task List
QPV2Maintain Sample Drawing Procedure
QPV3Display Sample Drawing Procedure
QS21Create Master Inspection Characteristic
QS22Create Master Inspection Characteristic Version
QS23Change Master Inspection Characteristic
QS24Display Master Inspection Characteristic
QS41Maintain Catalogs-Create Code Groups and Codes
QS42Display Catalog
QS49Display Code Groups And Codes
QS51Create Selected Set Codes
QS52Display Selected Set Codes
QS59Display Selected Sets
QS61Create Material Specification
QS62Display Material Specification
QV51Create QM Control Data in SD
QVM1Inspection Lots Without Completion
QVM2Inspection Lots with Open Quantities
QVM3Inspection Lots without Usage Decision

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