SAP SD Complete End User Guide: 82 Transactional Process (495 Pages PDF)

This SAP SD End User Guide (495 Pages PDF) provides a comprehensive list of 82 no of transactional processes. Each process is accompanied by a Business Process Overview, Tips & Tricks, and Procedural Steps, including screenshots.

Complete list of transaction codes covered in this are as follows;

Transaction CodeProcess Description
VF03Display Billing Document
BD87Process the Inbound Idoc Again
LT03Create Transfer Order for Delivery
LT23Transfer order List resident documents
MSR_CRDCustomer Refund
SD01Orders Within a Timeframe
SDD1List of Duplicate Documents
SDQ1List of Expiring Quotations
SDQ2List of Expired Quotations
SDQ3List of Completed Quotations
SM35Posting batches
SM35Posting batches
SP01Output Cotroller
V.02List of Incomplete Sales Orders
V.04List of Incomplete Quotations
V.15Display Backorders
V.21Log of Collective Run
V23Sales Documents Blocked for Billing
VA01Create a Return Sales Order
VA01Create a Standard Sales Order with Ref to a Quotation
VA01Create Free of Charge Delivery
VA01Create Standard Sales Order
VA02Change Standard Sales Order
VA03Display Standard Sales Order
VA05List of Sales Orders
VA11Create Inquiry
VA12Change Inquiry
VA13Display Inquiry
VA21Create Quotation
VA22Change Quotation
VA23Display Quotation
VA25Quotations List
VA31Create Scheduling Agreement
VA32Change Scheduling Agreement
VA33Display Scheduling Agreement
VA41Create Contract
VA42Change Contract
VA43Display Contract
VB21Create a Sales Deal
VB22Change a Sales Deal
VB23Display Sales Deal
VC01NM Direct Mailing # Creating Basic Bata
VC01NProcessing Follow-Up sales activities
VD05Block customer (sales)
VD06Mark customer for deletion (sales)
VD51Maintain Customer-Material Info
VD52Maintain Cust-Mat.Info w Select
VD53Display Customer-Material Info
VD54Display Customer-Material Info
VF01Create Billing Document
VF02Change Billing Document
VF04Maintain Billing Due List
VF05List Billing Documents
VF06Batch billing
VF24Edit Work List for Invoice Lists
VFX3List of Blocked Billing Documents
VK11Create Condition Record
VK12Change Condition Record
VK13Display Condition Record
VKM1Blocked SD Documents
VKM2Released SD Documents
VL01NCreate Outbound Delivery
VL02NChange Outbound Delivery
VL03NDisplay Outbound Delivery
VL06OOutbound Delivery Monitor
Vl06Delivery Monitor Picking Confirmation
VL10BDelivery due list for purchasing documents
VL10CRun Delivery Due List
VL10CCreate Outbound Delivery Collectively
VL10I Sales Ordesr&Purchase Orders(Schedule lines)
VV11Create Output Sales Order Confirmation
VV12Change Order Confirmation(Output)
VV21Create Output Shipping Delivery Note
VV311Create Order Confirmation (output)
VV31Create Output Billing Document
V_LDExecute Pricing Report
V_SALog of Collective Run
V_UCList of Incomplete SD Documents(Deliveries)
WE05Checking the Inbound Idoc
XD01Create Customer (Centrally)
XD02Change Customer (Centrally)
XD03View Customer (Centrally)

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