SAP PP Complete End User Guide: 101 Transactional Process (813 Pages PDF)

This SAP PP End User Guide (813 Pages PDF) provides a comprehensive list of 101 no of transactional processes. Each process is accompanied by a Business Process Overview, Tips & Tricks, and Procedural Steps, including screenshots.

Complete list of transaction codes covered in this are as follows;

Transaction CodeProcess Description
C201Create Master Recipe
C202Change Master Recipe
C203Display Master Recipe
C223Create Change Production Versions
CA01Create Routing
CA02Change Routing
CA03Display Routing
CA11Create Reference Operation Set
CA12Change Refrence Operation Set
CA13Display Reference Operation Set
CA21Create Rate Routing
CA22Change Rate Routing
CA23Display Rate Routing
CA97Mass Scheduling using Material Master
CA98Deletion of Task Lists
CL02Maintain Class
CM01Capacity Evaluation – Load
CM02Capacity Evaluation – Orders
CM03Capacity Evaluation – Pool
CM04Capacity Evaluation – Backlog
CM05Capacity Planning – Overload
CM38Capacity Leveling L-T Planning
CO01Create Production Order
CO02Change Production Order
CO03Display Production Order
CO05NProduction Order Release
CO09Availability Overview
CO11NEnter Time Ticket for Production Order
CO14Display Confirmation of Production Orders
CO15Enter Production Order Confirmation
CO24Missing Parts Report
CO27Picking List
CO40Converting Planned Order to Production Order -Single
CO41Collective Conversion of Planned Orders
CO46Order Progress Report
CO53Send Control Recipes
CO54Send Process Messages
CO60Processing PI Sheets
COEBRGenerate Batch Record
COGIPostprocessing of error records
COIKPicking List
COOISPIProcess Order Infor System
COR1Create Process Order
COR2Change Process Order
COR3Display Process Order
COR5Release Process Order
COR6NEnter Time Ticket for Process Order
COR8Coll. Conv. of Planned Order to Process Order
CORSCancel Process Order Confirmation
CORTDisplay Process Order Confirmation
CR01Create Work Center
CR02Change Work Center
CR03Display Work Center
CR11Create Capacity
CR12Change Capacity
CR13Display Capacity
CR21Create Work Center Hierarchy
CR22Change Work Center Hierarchy
CR23Display Work Center Hierarchy
CRC1Create Resource
CRC2Change Resource
CRC3Display Resource
CS01Create Material BOM
CS02Change Material BOM
CS03Display Material BOM
CSKBOrder Browser
MB31Goods Receipt for Order
MB56Display Batch Where-Used List
MC75Transfer PG to Demand Management
MC76Break Down Product Group Plan
MC84Create Product Group
MC85Display Product Group
MC86Change Product Group
MC87Create Sales and Operations Planning – Material
MC88Change Sales and Operations Planning – Material
MC89Display Sales and Operations Planning – Material
MD01MRP Run – Online
MD02MRP – Single-Item,Multi-Level
MD03MRP – Single-Item, Single-Level
MD04Display Stock Requirements List
MD05Individual Display of MRP List
MD06Collective Display of MRP List
MD11Create Planned Order
MD12Change Planned Order
MD13Display Planned Order
MD15Collective Conversion of Planned Orders
MD61Create Planned Independent Requirements
MD62Change Planned Independent Requirements
MD63Display Planned Independent Requirements
MD73Display Total Requirements
MDBTMRP Run in Batch
MDLDPrint MRP List
MF47Postprocessing List for Component on Line
MF60Pull List
MFBFBack Flushing In Repetitive Manufacturing
MS01Long Term Planning Run
MS05Long Term Planning – MRP List
MS31Create Planning Scenario
MS32Change Planning Scenario
MS33Display Planning Scenario
MS64Create Simulation Version

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