SAP MM BBP: Purchase of Expense Items with Flow Diagram

This post captures a sample to-be Purchase Requisition Consumption (Expense Items) process in SAP MM Purchasing module to give an idea to MM consultants for their Business Blueprint (BBP) documentations.

SAP MM Purchasing Flowchart: Purchase Requisition Consumption
SAP MM Purchasing Flowchart: Purchase Requisition Consumption

BBP To Be Explanation – Purchase of Expense Items
In case of purchase of direct expense items for which no stock is maintained by SCM Department, PR may be raised by Support Executive End User Department on the internal request received from end user against a material/test items for a cost center.
While creating PR in system it checks the available budget for the specified head of account for each line item in the PR and stops the process, however system allows the end user to hold the document until the pre-requisites were not fulfilled, I.e. if budget is not available with an error of budget availability the end user sends to finance department for allocation of budget. After budget allocation when the Held PR is saved, it will commit the total amount from the budget as per the value mentioned in the PR. Further this will be approved as per the defined approval hierarchy. The committed budget will be consumed automatically once the purchase cycle is completed.
Standard Purchase process will be followed for the purchase of expense items. I.e.

  • Purchase Requisition
  • Request for quotation (If Required)
  • Contract (If Required)
  • Purchase Order
  • Goods Receipt
  • Invoice Verification

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