SAP GRC User Access Review (UAR) Manual

This document provides a user manual for the SAP GRC Access Control User Access Review (UAR) functionality. The UAR process allows for the periodic review of user access rights and roles across SAP systems to ensure proper access governance and compliance with security policies.

Key sections covered in the manual document are:

  1. Introduction and context for the UAR process
  2. Benefits of conducting periodic user access reviews
  3. Overview of the UAR review process and participants (administrators, reviewers, coordinators)
  4. Detailed steps for the different phases of review:
    • First Step (review by Line Manager)
    • Second Step A (review by Group Manager)
    • Second Step B (review by Company Controller)
  5. Instructions for running background jobs to generate review requests
  6. Description of available reports for monitoring review activities:
    • UAR History Report (Detail)
    • User Review Report (Summary)
  7. Process diagrams and tables explaining each review workflow

The manual walks through the end-to-end UAR process, providing screenshots and steps for reviewers to approve, reject, or maintain user access, as well as instructions for administrators to configure and monitor reviews.

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