SAP GRC: How to Archive Obsolete Data in GRC Access Control 10?

The data in the GRC AC such as Requests, EAM Audit logs, Change Logs, have to be archived for audit purpose. SAP GRC doesn’t have an in-built archiving capabilities.
Below steps can be followed to archive the GRC AC 10x data:
Use Transaction SARA
The following are objects to archive:

  • GRFNMSMP – Archiving for GRC AC requests
  • SPM_AU_LOG – EAM Audit Log Archive
  • SPM_CH_LOG – Change Log Archive (EAM)
  • SPM_OC_LOG – EAM OS Command Log Archiving
  • SPM_SY_LOG – SPM System Log Archive

Refer SAP Note 1719967 – How to archive in GRC Access Control 10.0 for detailed steps.

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