SAP PM Training Notes: Key Components and Functionalities

This training PDF document provides detailed notes on the SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) module, covering its key components and functionalities. It delves into the organization structure, master data management, maintenance processing, and reporting capabilities of the SAP PM module. The document is a comprehensive guide for understanding the fundamental aspects of setting up and utilizing the SAP PM solution within an organization.

Key PM topics covered in the training document:

  1. SAP Plant Maintenance Module Overview
  2. Organization Structure of SAP PM/EAM
  3. Technical Object Management
  4. Master Data
  5. Equipment and Equipment Classification
  6. Maintenance Plan
  7. Budget
  8. Work Order “The Maintenance Order”
  9. Maintenance Strategy
  10. Master Maintenance Schedule
  11. Safety, Operations and Environment Critical Equipment
  12. Capacity Requirements Planning in Plant Maintenance
  13. Notification Types and Maintenance Order Types
  14. Test Equipment Calibration Processes
  15. Work Permits
  16. Maintenance KPIs
  17. Standard SAP Plant Maintenance Reports

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