SAP PM Maintenance Order Cycle User Manual: Introduction and Key Process Steps

This document provides a user manual for creating and processing maintenance orders in SAP. It covers the end-to-end steps for creating different types of maintenance orders, planning materials and operations, releasing and technically completing the orders, and settling and closing the orders.

Key maintenance procedures covered in this document are:

  • Creating Maintenance Orders from Notifications
    • Steps to create maintenance orders from breakdown, corrective, and preventive notifications
    • Linking notification types to order types
    • Entering order header data, operations, materials, account assignment
    • Saving notification with order
  • Material Planning and Issue from Stores
    • Selecting materials with special stock indicator
    • Viewing reservation number against components
    • Budget checking during order save
  • Releasing Maintenance Orders
    • Releasing order to REL status
    • Allows material issue, services, operation confirmation
  • Confirming Operations
    • Steps to confirm operation completion and actual durations
    • Status updates to CNF and PCNF
  • Technically Completing Orders
    • Setting order to TECO status
    • Entering settlement rule and reference date/time
    • Allows financial postings still
  • Settling Maintenance Orders
    • Steps to settle order costs to cost center
    • Carried out periodically or for single orders
  • Closing Maintenance Orders
    • Setting order to CLSD status
    • Indicates order is fully complete
  • Creating Maintenance Orders Directly
    • Creating orders without notifications
    • Generating notification along with order
  • Appendix
    • Lookup tables for common fields like planner groups, work centers, PM activity types

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