SAP PM BBP Sample PDF Document

This document is a Business Blueprint (BBP) for the Plant Maintenance (PM) module in SAP. The blueprint outlines the proposed SAP implementation strategy for managing the maintenance processes and master data related to equipment, functional locations, and preventive maintenance plans. The document provides a high-level overview of the SAP Plant Maintenance module, detailing the organizational structures, master data objects, maintenance processes, and preventive maintenance processes.
It covers the following key sections:

  1. High-level overview of SAP Plant Maintenance module
  2. Organization Structure (Maintenance Plant, Planning Plant, Planner Groups)
  3. Master Data (Functional Locations, Equipment, Bill of Materials, Measuring Points, Task Lists)
  4. Maintenance Processes (Breakdown Maintenance, Refurbishment, Calibration)
  5. Preventive Maintenance Processes (Maintenance Planning, Scheduling, Deadline Monitoring)
  6. Business Process Descriptions (Phase In, Phase Out, Maintenance, Refurbishment, Preventive Maintenance)
  7. Solution Design (Organization Structure Configuration, Notification Types, Order Types)

The blueprint serves as a comprehensive guide for implementing the Plant Maintenance module, covering the necessary master data setup, process flows, and system configurations required to support the company’s maintenance operations effectively.

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