SAP S/4HANA MM Pricing Procedure: Configuration Overview and Key Steps

This PDF document provides an end-to-end view of configuring a custom pricing procedure in SAP S/4HANA Materials Management (MM) module. The pricing procedure is used to combine different charges like gross price, freight, discounts, surcharges, taxes etc.

Following list of pricing procedure steps are covered in the document:

  • Setting up the calculation schema
  • Defining condition types such as taxes
  • Defining schema groups for suppliers and purchasing organizations
  • Assigning schema groups to purchasing organizations
  • Determining calculation schema for standard purchase orders
  • Assigning condition types to calculation schema
  • Assigning schema group to business partner
  • Validating pricing procedure in purchase order
  • Maintaining condition tables
  • Defining access sequences
  • Assigning access sequence to condition types
  • Maintaining condition records

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