Sample SAP MM Configuration Guide for Seat Manufacturing Company

This sample SAP MM configuration guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up the necessary configurations to streamline the procurement processes specialized for a seat manufacturing company for automotive industry. The document covers following configuration steps:

  • Creating Plants
  • Assigning Plant to Company Code
  • Maintaining Purchasing Organization
  • Assigning Purchasing Organization to Plant
  • Maintaining Storage Location
  • Defining Number Ranges for Purchase Requisition
  • Defining Document Type for Purchase Requisition
  • Defining Number Ranges for Purchase Order
  • Defining Document Types for Purchase Order
  • Defining Number Ranges for Scheduling Agreement
  • Defining Document Type for Scheduling Agreement
  • Defining Number Ranges for Stock Transfer Order
  • Setting Up Stock Transport Order
  • Assigning Purchasing Organization to Company Code
  • Assigning Purchasing Organization to Plant
  • Creating Purchasing Groups
  • Defining Valuation Class
    • Account Category Reference
    • Material Type / Account Category Reference
  • Defining Release Group for PO
    • Defining Release Code for PO
    • Defining Release Strategy for PO

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