SAP FICO Complete End User Guide: 226 Transactional Process (1142 Pages PDF)

This SAP FICO End User Guide (1142 Pages PDF) provides a comprehensive list of 226 no of transactional processes. Each process is accompanied by a Business Process Overview, Tips & Tricks, and Procedural Steps, including screenshots.

Complete list of FICO transaction codes covered in this document are as follows;

Transaction CodeProcess Description
ABAAUnplanned Depreciation
ABAONAsset Sale without Customer
ABAVNAsset Retirement by Scrapping
ABSOMiscellaneous Transacations
ABUMNIntra Company Asset Transfer
ABZONAsset Acquisition with Automatic Offsetting Entry
AFABPost Depreciation
AFARRecalculate Depreciation
AIABSettelment AUC Asset
AIBUTransfer Assets Under Constructions
AJABAsset Accounting Year End Closing
AJRWAsset Accounting Fiscal Year Change
AS01Create Asset Master Record
AS02Change Asset Master Record
AS03Display Asset Master Record
AW01NAsset Explorer
CK11NCreate Product Cost Estimate
CK24Allow Marking of Standard Cost Estimates
CK40NCreate Product Cost Estimate
CK44Delete Costing Run
CK8099 Analyze Cost Component Split for Planned Cost
CKR1Reorganization of Cost Estimate
CO43Actual Overhead Calculation
CO88Actual Settlement Production or Process Order
F-01Create Sample Document
F-28Customer Incoming Payment
F-47Post Down Payment Request
F-48Posting Vendor Down Payment
F-53Manual Outgoing Payment
F-54Clear Vendor Down Payment
F-58Post Payment + Printout
F-63Park Vendor Invoice
F-92Asset Retirement with Customer
F.07AR & AP Balance Carry Forward
F.13Automatic Clearing
F.14 Executing a Recurring Journal Entry
F.15Recurring Entry Documents
F.17AR Balance Confirmation – Print Letters
F.18AP Balance Confirmation – Print Letters
F.19Analyse GRIR Clearing Accounts and Display Acquistion Tax
F.27Periodic Account Statements
F.2BCalculate Interest on Arrears
F.2CCalculate Interest on Arrears
F.31Credit Overview
F.34Credit Limit Data Mass Change
F.57Delete Sample Document
F.61Trigger for Correspondence
F.64Maintain Correspondence Request
F.80Mass Document Reversal
F.81Reverse Accrual or Deferral Document
F110Create Automatic Payment
FAGLB03Display GL Account Balance
FAGLF101Sorting or Reclassification (New)
FAGLGA35Execute Actual Distribution
FAGLGVTRBalanc Carryforward (GL Account)
FAGLL03Display GL Account Line Items
FAGL_FC_TRANSCurrency Transalation
FAGL_FC_VALForeign Currency Valuation
FB02Change Document
FB03Display Document
FB04Display Document Changes
FB08Reverse Individual Document
FB12Request for Correspondence
FB41Post Tax Payable
FB50Enter GL Journal Entry
FB60AP Vendor Invoice
FBD1Create Recurring Entry
FBL1NDisplay Vendor Account Line Items
FBL5NDisplay Customer Account Line Items
FBM2Change Sample Document
FBM3Display Sample Document
FBRAReset cleared items
FBS1Enter Accrual or Deferral Documents
FBV0Post Parked Document
FBV2Changed Parked Documents
FBV5Parked Document Changes
FCH7Reprint Check
FCH8AP Reverse Payment
FCHNCheck Register
FCHROnline Cashed Checks
FD01Create Customer (Accounting)
FD02Change Customer (Accounting)
FD03Display Customer (Accounting)
FD05Block Unblock Customer (Accounting)
FD06Mark Customer for Deletion (Accounting)
FD10NDisplay Customer Account Balances
FD11Customer Account Analysis
FD24Credit Management Changes
FD32Customer Credit Management Change
FD33Customer Credit Management Display
FK01Create Vendor (Accounting)
FK02Change Vendor (Accounting)
FK03Display Vendor (Accounting)
FK05Block Unblock Vendor (Acctounting)
FK06Mark Vendor for Deletion (Accounting)
FK10NDisplay Vendor Balances
FKMTAccount Assignment Model
FLB1Reprocess Lock Box
FLB2Lock Box Import
FS00GL Account Master Record maintenance
FS04GL Account Changes (Centrally)
KA01Create Cost Element
KA02Change Cost Element
KA03Display Cost Element
KA06Create Secondary Cost Element
KABLPlanning Report – Orders
KAH1Create Cost Element Group
KAH2Change Cost Element Group
KAH3Display Cost Element Group
KB21NEnter Direct Activity Allocation
KE13NUpload CO-PA Excel Planning
KE1ETransfer Quantities to SOP
KE21NActual Postings Create Line Item
KE24Display Actual Line Items
KE30Run Profitability Report
KE31Create Profitability Report
KEPMEdit Planning Data – Set up Planning Sale Data
KEU5CO-PA – Actual postings Transfer Overheads from Cost Centers
KEUBCO-PA Plan assessment of cost center costs
KGI2Actual Overhead Calculation
KK04Statistical Key Figures Master Data Report
KKA0Change Cut Off Period
KKAOCalculate Work In Progress
KKBC_HOESummarized Analysis with defined summarization Hierarchy
KKBC_MATAnalyze Material Cost Estimate-Cost Elements
KKFBDisplay Variance Line Items for Orders
KKRVData Collection for Product Drill Down
KKS1Variance Calculation
KKS2Variance Calculation Production Orders-Individual Processing
KKS5Varinance Calculation Product Cost Collectors-Collective
KKS6Varinance Calculation Product Cost Collectors – Indivi
KL01Create Activity Type
KL02Change Activity Type
KL03Display Activity Type
KL04Delete Activity Type
KL13Activity Type Master Data Report
KL13Display Activity Type –  Report
KLH1Create Activity Type Group
KLH2Change Activity Type Group
KLH3Display Activity Type Group
KO01Create Internal Order
KO02Change Internal Order
KO03Display Internal Order
KO14Copy Planning for Internal Orders
KO22Change Original Budget
KO30Availability Control Background Job Activation for Orders
KO32Deactivate Availability Control for Orders
KO88Actual Settelment Order
KO8GActual Settelment Internal Orders
KO9EPlanned Settelment Internal Orders
KO9GPlanned Settelment Internal Orders
KOC4Cost Analysis
KOCOBudget Carryforward
KOH1Create Internal Order Group
KOH2Change Internal Order Group
KOH3Display Internal Order Group
KOK5 Internal Orders Master Data Report
KP04Set Planner Profile
KP06Change Cost Element Activity Input Planning
KP26Change Plan data for Activity Types
KP97Copy Planning for Cost Centers
KP98Copy Actual to Plan for Cost Centers
KPF6Change Cost ElementActivity Input Planning
KPSIExecute Plan Price Calculation
KS01Create Cost Center
KS02Change Cost Center
KS03Display Cost Center
KS04Delete Cost Center
KS13Cost Center Master Data Report
KSA8Plan Accrual Calculation for Cost Centers
KSB1Display Actual Line Items
KSBLPlanning Report
KSH1Create Cost Center Group
KSH2Change Cost Center Group
KSH3Display Cost Center Group
KSPPTransfer Planned Activity Requirements from Production
KSU1Create Actual Assessment
KSU2Change Actual Assessment
KSU3Display Actual Assessment
KSU5Execute Actual Assessment
KSUBExecute Plan Cost Assessment
KSV5Execute Actual Distribution
OB08Maintain Exchange Rates
OB52Maintain FI Posting Periods
OKEONChange Cost Center Std Hierarchy
OKEVMaintain Versions
OKP1Period Lock Change
PR05Create Trip and Enter Receipts
PRRWTransfer Costs to Accounting
S_ALR_87005830Check Version Validity
S_ALR_87012078Due Date Analysis for Vendor Open Items
S_ALR_87012086Vendor List
S_ALR_87012087List of Vendor Addresses
S_ALR_87012089Display Changes to Vendors
S_ALR_87012105List of Vendor Down Payments Open on Key date
S_ALR_87012179Customer List
S_ALR_87012180List of Customer Addresses
S_ALR_87012182Display Changes to Customers
S_ALR_87012277GL Account Balances
S_ALR_87012282GL Line Items, List for Printing
S_ALR_87012308Display Changes to GL Accounts
S_ALR_87012326Chart of Accounts
S_ALR_87012394Record of Use and SalesTaxes (USA)
S_ALR_87012993Orders Actual,Plan & Variance
S_ALR_87012996Orders by Cost Element
S_ALR_87013611Cost Centers Actual Plan Variance
S_ALR_87013633Cost Centers Actual Plan Variance Previous year
S_ALR_87013647Activity Types Scheduled Plan
S_ALR_87099918Primary Cost Planning-Depreciation and Interest
S_ALR_87099930Analyze or Compare Material Cost Estimate
S_ALR_87099931Price vs Cost Estimate
S_BCE_68000174Update Exchange Rates
S_P99_41000111Analyze Compare Material Cost Estimates
S_PCO_36000218Receivables Segment
S_PCO_36000219Payables Segment
S_PL0_86000028 Financial Statement ActualActual Comparison
S_PL0_86000030GL Account Balances
S_POO_7000134Generic Withholding Tax Reporting
VA88Actual Settlement Sales Orders
XK01Create Vendor (Central)
XK02Change Vendor (Central)
XK03Display Vendor (Central)
XK04Display Changes Vendor (Central)
XK05Block Unblock Vendor (Central)
XK06Flag for Deletion Vendor (Central)

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