Condition Contract Management with SAP S/4HANA: Intro PPT Guide

Promotions and rebates are crucial for boosting sales, but managing retroactive rebates can be a challenging task, particularly for businesses with multiple product lines and channels. SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management offers a simplified solution to manage retroactive rebate with the new condition contract management and settlement functionality. This new functionality allows organizations to provide special financial settlement services for business partners, such as pooled payments, brokerage and trading business and chargebacks. Condition Contract Management provides a central, standardized solution for administration of customer and supplier conditions of S4 Sales and Procurement processes. Settlement Management supports all types of core business processes that need to be fully integrated in the OTC cycle or with in a PTP scenario, such as rebate settlement, as well as standalone processes, whereby you provide special financial settlement services for your business partners.

  • Condition Contract – Sales Rebates Process
  • Business Scenario: Sales Retroactive Rebate Processing
  • Sales Retroactive Rebates – Configuration
  • Data Flow for Rebate Processing
  • Sales Retroactive Rebates – Process
  • Fiori Apps for Condition Contracts
  • Reference for Process and Configuration Documents (Embedded as PDF files in PPT)

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