How to Use Status Profile Management for Sales Order Release Strategy in SAP

In this guide, you will learn how to use status profile management to create a release strategy for sales orders in SAP. Status profile management consists of several individual statuses that can be changed in a specific order and linked to a particular authorization group. It can also influence corresponding business transactions such as delivery or billing. This is a useful functionality if you want to control access to the sales order document based on different statuses and authorization groups. You will see how to create statuses for each block (delivery and billing) and assign relevant authorizations keys to each status. This way, only users who have the relevant authorizations key can change the status in the sales order and remove delivery block or billing block.
Following configuration steps are covered in this pdf document:

  • Define Status Profile [BS02]
  • Assign Object Type for status profile
  • Assign order types / status profiles
  • Allocate status profile to item categories
  • Define Display Status in the Overview Screen
  • Changing Statuses in the sales order line item

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