SAP Standard PS Report Transactions List & Document

This document explains the standard Project System reports available in SAP with screenshots that you can analyze in various ways by using the selection and sort functions.

  • CN41N -Project Info System: Structure
  • ME2J -Purchase Orders for Project
  • CN42N -Overview of Project Definition
  • CN43N –Overview of WBS elements
  • CN42 -Project Definitions Initial Screen
  • ME2L -Purchase Document for Vendor
  • S_ALR_87013532-Plan/Actual/Variance
  • S_ALR_87013533–Plan/Actual/Commitment/Assigned
  • S_ALR_87013534-Comparison of Costs for different versions/Actual/Commitment
  • S_ALR_87013537-Commitment Details
  • S_ALR_87013557-Budget/Actual/Variance
  • S_ALR_87013558 -Budget/Actual/Commitment/Rem Plan/Assigned
  • S_ALR_87013560-Budget Updates
  • CJI3-Project Actual Cost Line Items

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