SAP PS Configuration: Define Project Coding for Standard Project (OPSJ)

In this SAP PS configuration activity, you create masks for editing the project number using OPSJ transaction code.. Masks help display complex project numbers. They can also be used to indicate the position of a WBS element in the project hierarchy.
You can create a mask for every key you want to use in project coding.
The following characters are available for editing:

  • X for alphanumeric characters
  • 0 for numeric characters
  • special characters to organize the project numbers

In addition, you can maintain a block indicator for standard (LkS) and operative (Lck) structures. If you maintain the indicator, you cannot create new projects with this coding key.
You enter the following mask for key “Z”: /000-XXX-000/XXXX
The project number Z453SKS555ELEK is edited to Z/453-SKS-555/ELEK.
Default Settings
The standard system contains a mask for coding for the key “Z”.



Define Project Coding for Standard Project
Project System → Structures → Templates → Standard Work Break Down Structure → Settings for Standard and Operative WBSs → Project Coding Mask → Define Project Coding for Standard Project


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