SAP Asset Management Training Presentation Set for Newbies

Consisting of 5 presentations, this training manual set aims to explain following list of topics of Asset Management module of SAP System

  • Chapter 1 – Organization Structure Overview
    • Understand how SAP-AM is integrated with other modules
    • Understand SAP-AM concept and functions
    • Understand asset accounting business process
    • Understand how to dispylay asset information and run reports in SAP-AM
  • Chapter 2 – Master Data
    • To be able to create, change, display master data in Asset Accounting
    • To be able to delete master data in Asset Accounting
    • To Understand how to work with Asset Explorer
  • Chapter 3 – Planning & Transaction
    • To be able to create asset planning transactions
    • To be able to understand Asset Acquisition process
    • To be able to create asset transfer transactions
    • To be able to create asset retirement transactions
    • To be able to do closings periodically
    • To understand the different value display
  • Chapter 4 – Periodic Processing and Valuation
    • Carry out the most important periodic processing tasks
    • Control the calculation of depreciation
    • Analyze depreciation value
    • Initiate the dep p g reciation posting run
    • Can explain the tasks of fiscal year change program and year end closing program
  • Chapter 5 – Reporting
    • To be able to choose and execute the various asset accounting report
    • To forecast future depreciation
    • To setup variable sorting and totaling for asset report
    • To create the asset history sheet and structure it to meet your need

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