SAP PM Corrective Maintenance Training Guide (122 Pages PDF)

Corrective maintenance process in SAP PM is a process that involves repairing defective equipment and restoring it to optimal condition. Corrective maintenance is different from preventive maintenance, which involves routine checks to ensure that machines are running as per the required parameters. It is also different from breakdown maintenance, which is carried out when equipment has a breakdown and is not working.
Prepared for an implementation project, in this 122 paged pdf training guide you will learn maintenance of:

  • Notification Process
  • Maintenance Order Planning Process
  • Maintenance Order Completion Process

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Sample PM Configuration Document for Cement Industry

This manual, specialized for cement industry, provides a step-by-step guide for carrying activities required for Plant Maintenance module configuration in SAP. Besides activities this also contains explanations and screenshots, including the order in which you need to make customization.

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SAP PM User Instruction Manual

This training document provides instructions for most common end user functions listed below in SAP’s Plant Maintenance (PM) module:

  • Creating a Functional Location
  • Creating a Piece of Equipment
  • Displaying the Structure List and the Structure Graphic
  • Creating Data for the Permit
  • Maintaining Bills of Material
  • Creating Maintenance Task Lists
  • Creating Operations / Sub-Operations
  • Allocating material Components to a Maintenance Task List
  • Creating Maintenance Strategies
  • Creating Maintenance Items
  • Creating a Maintenance Plan (IP42)
  • Scheduling a Maintenance Plan for the First Time (IP10)
  • Scheduling a Performance-Based Maintenance Plan for the First Time (IP30)
  • Activating or Deactivating a Maintenance Plan (IP02)
  • Creating and Processing Maintenance Notifications (IW21)
  • Creating an Order from a Notification for Immediate Processing

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Fundamentals of Plant Maintenance in SAP: FAQ for Newbies

Objective of this presentation is:

  • Developing an understanding of SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) / Plant Maintenance (PM)
  • Identifying those areas where significant preparation needs to be done
  • Identifying those areas where key decisions are to be made / understood
  • Not to be able to create objects (master data etc. ) nor to operate the solutions


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SAP BBP AS-IS & TO-BE Documents from Real Life Project

In this post you will find links to As-Is and To-Be documents from a real-life project implementation for the various modules of the following:

  • Finance & Controlling (FICO) As-Is & To-Be
  • Materials Management (MM) As-Is & To-Be
  • Sales and Distribution (SD) As-Is & To-Be
  • Production Planning (PP) As-Is & To-Be
  • Plant Maintenance (PM) As-Is & To-Be

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SAP PM Configuration: How to Define Maintenance Planning Plant

In SAP, maintenance planning plant represents the organizational unit where maintenance requirements for the operations / production system are planned. Maintenance planning plant is a plant in which maintenance tasks are planned and prepared. In the PM planning plant, maintenance task lists are defined for the respective maintenance plants, spare parts planning is carried out …

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