SAP PS WBS Configuration (OPSK): Define Special Characters for Projects

In this SAP Project System WBS related configuration step, you specify how a project number is coded for editing using OPSK transaction code. You can maintain the following parameters for editing the project number:

  • the length of the key for project coding. You can assign up to five places for the key.
  • an indicator specifying whether the key must have this exact length or whether it can also be shorter
  • special characters to enter WBS elements faster
  • an indicator specifying whether only coded project numbers can be used to create projects

SAP Recommendation – Avoid the following special characters: *,+,? and %. These special characters are used for specific functions in the system

Define Special Characters for Projects
Project System → Structures → Operative Structures → Work Break Down Structure (WBS) → Project Coding Mask → Define Special Characters for Projects




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