How to See List of Processes Status in SAP [SM50]

In SAP, you can use SM50 transaction code to see the list of status of running work processes.

Work Process Overview
IMG Menu Path
SAP Menu→Tools→Administration→Monitor→System Monitoring→Process Overview
Transaction Code



The following are the points we observe from SM50:

  • No of each work processes like (Dialog, Background, Enqueue, Update, spool )
  • What is the processes id for each work process
  • Work process status, running or waiting
  • IF any error is there , reported in Err field
  • The field CPU show how much CPU time is consumed by the particular work process
  • Time: It shows how long the work process is running
  • Report: Which report is running currently by that work process
  • Client: Specifies the client no for which this process is busy
  • User: Specifies which user is running this report.
  • Action: What exactly going on during this process
  • Table: Which table is accessed during this process

The point to concentrate from SM50 is Process Status, time, client and user.
If Basis wants to cancel one running Work process then,
→ select the work process by clicking on left check box as selected below
→ Now Go to Process -> Cancel Without Core.
→ Click on “Yes” to terminate the process.
→ Now you can see that process is in waiting status.
→ Click on Refresh button to get the updated status.

This information is grabbed from Daily SAP BASIS Activities document.

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