How to Check Status of Users in SAP [SM04]

SM04: This tcode is used to check the status of users in SAP. i.e how many users have been logged in, how many sessions a user is working.

User Overview
IMG Menu Path
SAP Menu→Tools→Administration→Monitor→System Monitoring→User Overview
Transaction Code

See the fig below.




From the above figure you can see, total 9 users have logged in into different clients like 000, 200, 210 and 300 Check the detail of each line.
Take the example of user SLERNER , this user has logged into client 210, from system Soeren , executing tcode FEBAN time of login, 2 sessions.
At the same this user has logged into another client no. 200 and also 2 sessions there.
Two know more about session , select the user or line and double click on it.


Now if you want to delete one session , select /click on the specific line and click on “End Session”.

This information is grabbed from Daily SAP BASIS Activities document.

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