Outbound Process in SAP EWM: Overview Presentation

The document provides a comprehensive understanding of the outbound process in SAP EWM, both the conceptual aspects and the customizing steps required for implementation. It covers the end-to-end flow, from the creation of a sales order and outbound delivery in SAP S/4HANA, to the replication of the delivery in EWM. It also explains the integration between S/4HANA and EWM, and the role of various documents like outbound deliveries, warehouse orders, and warehouse tasks.

Key sections covered in the document are:

  1. Introduction to Outbound Process in SAP EWM
  2. Process Overview
  3. Overview of S/4HANA Outbound Documents
  4. Activity Areas and Bin Sorting
  5. Process Types and Process-Oriented Storage Control
  6. Warehouse Order Creation Rules
  7. Picking with RF Scanners
  8. Customizing Steps
  9. Outbound Process Flow (Picking, Packing, Staging, Loading)
  10. Configuration Example

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