SAP S4H MM Purchase Requisition: Ultimate Guide for End Users

This training documentation provides a comprehensive guide on creating and managing purchase requisitions within the SAP system. It covers the various types of purchase requisitions, including those for goods (inventory and non-inventory), free-text requisitions, and services (one-time and contingent).

The document outlines the steps involved in creating purchase requisitions, addressing settings for different types of assignments (investment, project, network, cost center, and CO-order), and explaining the requisition display list and useful transactions. Additionally, it touches upon the process of converting a purchase requisition into a purchase order, printing and archiving requisitions, and adding additional documents to the requisition.

Key Sections covered in the document are:

  1. Introduction to Purchase Requisition
  2. How to Create a Purchase Requisition in SAP [ME51N]
  3. Purchase Requisition for Goods
  4. Free-Text Purchase Requisitions
  5. Purchase Requisition for Services
  6. Purchase Requisition Display List
  7. Useful Transactions for Working with Purchase Requisitions
  8. Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order
  9. Printing Purchase Requisitions
  10. Archiving Purchase Requisitions

The document provides a comprehensive guide for users to understand and effectively manage the purchase requisition process within the SAP system, covering various scenarios and settings.

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