SAP MM Configuration [181 Pages PDF] – Free Download

This 181 pages PDF document provides a comprehensive guide on configuring the SAP Material Management (MM) module within the SAP ERP system. It is aimed at professionals looking to understand or implement SAP MM functionalities in their organization’s SAP landscape. The document covers a broad range of topics, from basic configurations to advanced settings, ensuring that the reader gains an overall understanding of SAP MM’s capabilities and how it integrates with other SAP modules for efficient material management.

Key Sections Covered in the Document:

  • Overview of SAP MM: Introduction to the SAP MM module, its significance in the SAP ERP ecosystem, and the basic concepts and functionalities it offers for material management.
  • Procurement Process: Detailed explanation of the procurement lifecycle, including steps like basic and special procurement, procurement activities, and types of procurement (stock vs consumption, external vs internal).
  • Organization Structure: Insights into configuring the MM organizational structure in SAP, including the definition of company codes, plants, storage locations, purchasing organizations, and purchasing groups.
  • Master Data in SAP MM: Discussion on essential master data in SAP MM like material master and vendor master data, including their characteristics, types, and the process of creation.
  • Purchase Info Record & Source List: Explanation of purchase info records and source lists, their importance in the procurement process, and instructions on how to create and manage them.
  • Procurement Cycle: An overview of the steps involved in the procurement cycle, from requirement determination to creating purchase orders and posting goods receipts.
  • Outline Agreement & Quota Arrangement: Information on managing outline agreements (contracts and scheduling agreements) and quota arrangements for distributing material requirements among different suppliers.
  • Posting Period and Purchase Order Types: Guidance on managing posting periods for financial transactions and different types of purchase orders (subcontracting, consignment, stock transfer, and service orders).
  • Inventory Management: Insights into inventory management processes, including movement types, goods receipt, reservation, goods issue, and strategies for managing stock levels.
  • Invoice Verification: Overview of the invoice verification process in SAP, including posting invoices, handling blocked invoices, and setting up Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS).
  • Service Management: Discussion on procuring services using SAP MM, including creating service master records, service entry sheets, and managing planned and unplanned services.

This document is a valuable resource for SAP MM consultants, project team members, and anyone involved in the material management process within the SAP ERP system. It provides practical instructions and insights into configuring and utilizing the SAP MM module for effective material management and procurement activities.

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