Inventory Management in SAP: Overview Presentation

This document provides an overview of inventory management concepts and processes in SAP. It begins by explaining the movement type, a key idea in SAP inventory transactions. Movement types categorize and control various material movements like issues, receipts, and transfers. The document then covers the document principle, whereby every goods movement generates a material document and usually an accounting document for tracking.

Next, the guide examines common inventory types seen in SAP:

  • Raw materials – Used in production, undergo physical change
  • WIP (work in process) – Materials currently in production
  • Finished goods – Completed products ready for sale
  • Spare parts – Used for repairs and maintenance

Other inventory categories like consignment stock are also explained. Consignment refers to inventory stored with a customer but still owned by the supplier until consumed.

Finally, the document overview major inventory costs:

  • Ordering costs – Expenses to place purchase orders
  • Carrying/holding costs – Costs to store inventory
  • Stockout costs – Costs if inventory runs out

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