SAP FI-AA Asset Retirement End User Guide

The document provides an end-user guide for asset retirement in the SAP Asset Accounting (FI-AA) module. It covers the processes and procedures for removing an asset from the company’s asset portfolio, which is recorded as an asset retirement from a bookkeeping perspective. The guide includes detailed step-by-step instructions, screenshots, and explanations for retiring assets with revenue (disposal) and without revenue (scrapping).

Key sections covered in the document:

  1. Introduction to Asset Retirement Process
  2. Prerequisites (Master Data, Preliminary Steps, Roles)
  3. Process Flowcharts (Visio)
    • Asset Retirement with Revenue (Normal Asset)
    • Asset Retirement with Revenue (Sales of Containers)
    • Asset Retirement without Revenue (Scrap)
  4. Business Processes Procedures
    1. Asset Retirement with Revenue (Disposal)
    2. Asset Retirement without Revenue (Scrapping)

The document focuses on the core processes of asset retirement with revenue (using transaction code ABAON) and without revenue (using transaction code ABAVN). It guides users through entering relevant details, simulating the transaction, posting the document, and verifying the changes in the asset master data.

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