SAP MM Inventory Management Guide: Movement Types, Goods Receipt and Reservation

This pdf document of Inventory Management Process In SAP is a guide on how to manage inventory in the MM module of SAP. Here’s the summary of the sections covered:

  1. Movement Types (T-code: OMJJ): This section explains the role of movement types in SAP, how to customize them, and provides examples of movement types.
  2. Goods Receipt (T-code: MIGO, ME23N): This section provides a guide on how to manage goods receipt in SAP, including receipt into unrestricted stock, quality inspection stock, and blocked stock. It also covers automatic creation of purchase orders during goods receipt, return delivery for goods receipt, entering a subsequent delivery, goods receipt without a purchase order or production order, and checking and calculating the Shelf Life Expiration Date (SLED) in SAP.
  3. Units of Measure in Inventory Management (T-code: MM02): This section discusses how you can purchase raw material with one unit of measure (e.g., kg) but maintain the same goods in your inventory management with another unit of measure (e.g., pc).
  4. Cancellation in MIGO (T-code: MIGO): This section provides an example of how to cancel a transaction in MIGO if a mistake was made during the entry of stock.
  5. Reservation (T-code: MIGO, MMBE): This section explains the concept of reservation in SAP, which is the process of blocking stock in advance so that it can be available at a particular point in time. It also covers goods issue with reference to a reservation.

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