Configuring PO Documents in SAP S4 HANA MM: Document Types, Item Categories, and Number Ranges

This document provides configuration steps for customizing the purchase order (PO) document type in SAP S/4HANA Materials Management (MM) module. It outlines how to define a new PO document type, restrict allowed item categories, link the document type to the purchase document configuration, define internal/external number ranges, make certain fields mandatory, and assign field selection keys. The goal is to configure a customized PO document type in SAP MM for handling special procurement types like subcontracting and consignment.

Key configuration steps covered in the document are:

  • Step 1: Define a new PO document type by copying the standard type and giving it a custom name
  • Step 2: Restrict allowed item categories for the document type
  • Step 3: Link the new document type to the purchase document configuration to specify valid item category combinations
  • Step 4: Define internal and external number ranges and assign to the new document type
  • Step 5: Make certain fields mandatory in the screen layout and assign a field selection key to the document type

The document provides a business scenario, explanations of configuration settings, and screenshots demonstrating the SAP configuration steps in detail. In summary, it covers the key SAP MM customizations required for setting up a specialized PO document type.

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