PM Breakdown Maintenance Guide in SAP S/4HANA

In SAP S/4HANA PM, a breakdown maintenance is a type of corrective maintenance that is done when a machine or equipment stops working unexpectedly and needs to be fixed or replaced as soon as possible. It is also known as reactive maintenance. In SAP, the Breakdown Maintenance process generally consists of the following major activities:

  1. Raising of Breakdown Notification with correct priority by operation group to notify the responsible Maintenance department/ main work center. The priority can be E (emergent), A (urgent), B (important), S (shutdown), or O (opportunity), depending on the effect on generation and safety.
  2. Creating a breakdown maintenance order by the maintenance department if material, external service, or permit is needed to carry out the maintenance.
  3. Releasing the notification and the order by the maintenance department.
  4. Performing the maintenance work by the maintenance personnel and recording the actual data.
  5. Completing and closing the notification and the order by the maintenance department after verifying the results.
  6. Issuing work permits by operation department
  7. Performing Work Completion (WOCO), Notification Completion (NOCO) and Tehnical Completion (TECO) subsequently

In this guide, following list of PM transaction codes involved in breakdown maintenance (including permit procedures) are explained step-by-step with screenshots;

  • Create Breakdown Notification [IW21]
  • Receipt Of Breakdown Notification By Maintenance [IW22]
  • Permit(S) Applying By Maintenance [IW32]
  • Work Approval [WCLE]
  • Release Of Breakdown Order – By Maintenance – [IW32]
  • Time Confirmation Of Order Operations– By Maint. Dep’t [IW41]
  • Work Completion In The Breakdown Order – Permit Return [IW32]
  • Untagging/Normalisation Of Isolations – By Operations Dep’t [WCLE]

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