Automatic Account Determination Process in SAP MM-FI (ECC / S4HANA)

This document is a detailed guide on the Automatic Account Determination Process in SAP MM-FI (ECC / S4HANA). Here’s a summary of the key points from the document:

  1. Integration with SAP MM and FI Module: The FI Module is linked with the MM Module because operations like Goods Receipt and Invoice Receipt directly impact the financial operation of the organization. Inventory postings update the G/L Accounts online in the background.
  2. Roles of Automatic Account Determination: In SAP MM, the procurement process involves costs that need to be paid to the vendor. Some configuration for account determination is done so that the system will automatically determine the correct G/L account that needs to be posted.
  3. Customizing: This involves several steps including:
    • Assigning the Company Code to Chart of Accounts
    • Setting the Valuation level (T-code OX14)
    • Grouping Together Valuation Areas
    • Defining Material type (T-code OMS2) and Valuation class
    • Defining Account Grouping for Movements Types
    • Configuring Automatic Postings
  4. Managing Message number no M8147 Account determination: This issue means that the system cannot update a G/L account for a transaction. You cannot post the transaction. This issue can occur in MIGO (goods receipt) and MI07 (when you post inventory difference in physical inventory). The solution is to use the OBYC t-code and go to the GR/IR clearing account (WRX).
  5. Table (T030) to get the details of OBYC: If you want to know transaction keys based on G/L Account or the G/L Accounts based on Transaction keys / valuation grouping code /Account modifier / chart of accounts, you can use two t-codes: SE11 (to display the structure of the tables (T030)) and SE16N (to see the content of table (T030)).

The document also provides several examples and simulations to illustrate the concepts and steps involved in the Automatic Account Determination Process.

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