SAP FI Accounts Payable Concept & Process: Overview Training Presentation

After viewing this presentation, users will understand SAP Account Payable concept and processes in which cover:

  • Objects and relationships in SAP FI Account Payable
    • Vendor Master Data Maintenance
    • Logistic Invoice Verification
    • Consignment
    • FI Direct Invoice
    • Late Delivery Penalty
    • Claim
    • Invoice Parking and Posting
    • Tolerance Limit Settings
    • Payment Difference Settings
    • Acquire Advance / Down Payment
    • Resolving Parked / Blocked Invoices
    • Invoice Releasing
    • Outgoing Payment (Automatic & Manual)
    • Document Reversal
    • Special G/L Transaction
  • Account Payable Reports
  • Understand how to do Account Payable transactions in SAP system

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