SAP Treasury Module Training Manual

The SAP Treasury Module (TRM) includes investment tracking, calculation of interest income, realized gains/losses and unrealized gains and losses, amortization of premiums and discounts, general trade information, integration to the GL and basic analytics such as total rate of return, weighted average maturity, and weighted average maturity to callable date.

In this sample guide, you will find step by step instructions with screenshots for the following list of processes:

  • Create Security Transactions (FWZZ, TBDM, FW17, FTR_CREATE)
  • Create Money Markets (FTR_CREATE)
  • Settle the Transaction (FTR_EDIT)
  • Daily Activities – Front Office, Beginning of Day (TPM13, TBDM, JBIRM, FWUP)
  • Daily Activities—Back Office, End of Day (TPM13, TBB1, FWSO, TPM18, TPM1)
  • Troubleshooting—Back Office
  • As Needed – Front Office
    • Create Business Partner (BP)
    • Change the Business Partner
    • View changes to Business Partner
    • Delete a Business Partner Role
    • Maintain Treasury Administrative Fee
  • As Needed-Back Office
    • Sell/Call Securities (FTR_Create)
    • Sell Variable Interest Money Market (FTR_EDIT)
    • Adjust Interest Payment for MM Transactions (FTR_EDIT)
    • Change the Interest Rate (JBIRM)
    • Update transaction with new interest rate (TJ13)
    • Fix Adjusted Interest Rate for MM’s (TJ05)
    • Create Securities Account (TRS_SEC_ACC)
  • Monthly—Back Office
    • Accrue Interest (TPM44)
    • Verify all relevant flows have posted for the month (TPM13)
    • Review Money Market Interest Receipts (FTR_Edit)
    • Add LGIP Fees (FTR_EDIT)
    • Calculate Month-End Earnings Allocation
  • Cash Management
  • Reports

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