SAP FI Company Configuration Guide [OX15]

The smallest organizational unit for which individual financial statements are created according to the relevant legal requirements. A company can include one or more company codes. The definition of the company organizational unit is optional. A company’s financial statements also form the basis of consolidated financial statements. All of the company codes within a company …

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Vendor Master Data in SAP: Transaction Code or Menu Path

You can maintain Vendor Master Data in SAP MM using following IMG Menu Path and transaction codes (tcodes):   Create, Change, Display Vendor Master Data IMG MENU PATH Accounting → Financial Accounting → Accounts payable → Master Records Transaction Codes FK01, FK02, FK03  

Vendor Master Data in SAP Materials Management (MM) : Overview

In SAP, the vendor master record contains all the data required to do business with the vendor.  Data in vendor master records also control how transaction data is posted and processed for a vendor. SAP provides the following transactions for maintaining Accounts Payable master records: Create a new account Change an account Display an account …

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General Ledger Master Data in SAP: Transaction Code & Menu Path

In general, system divides the G/L master records into the following area of management: Chart of accounts level Company code level You can maintain General Ledger Master Data centrally in SAP Using following menu path:   Create GL Master Data Centrally IMG MENU PATH Accounting → Financial accounting → General ledger → Master records → …

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General Ledger Master Data in SAP Financials

In SAP, the basic element of the master data structure in the General Ledger is the chart of accounts, which is assigned to a company code and contains the master list of general ledger accounts that are required for external reporting on the organization. In SAP, the GL account traditionally represents what most organizations refer …

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SAP CK11N Tutorial: Create Material Cost Estimate

The Material cost estimate is calculated for all the in-house manufactured products (finished goods and semi finished goods). The system accesses the Bill of Material and Routing or Master Recipe maintained by PP for the finished goods. It is used to calculate the cost of good manufactured and cost of good sold for each product …

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SAP CO Guide: Mark Future Price [CK24]

After carrying out a cost estimate for a material without any errors, you can transfer the costing results to the material master as prices in SAP.
To set a new standard price in the material master, you must mark and release the standard cost estimate. You must first allow standard cost estimates to be marked and released in a company code.
When you mark a standard cost estimate for a material, the price calculated in the standard cost estimate is transferred into the material master record as the future standard price.

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What is the Purpose of Partner Function in SAP SD

As per the standard SAP, a customer master will be maintained with four major partner functions, as described below: The basic customer master records that will be created are The Sold to party record – Sold to Party is the one who places the sales order The Ship to party record – Ship to Party …

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