Vendor Master Data in SAP Materials Management (MM) : Overview

In SAP, the vendor master record contains all the data required to do business with the vendor.  Data in vendor master records also control how transaction data is posted and processed for a vendor.

SAP provides the following transactions for maintaining Accounts Payable master records:
  • Create a new account
  • Change an account
  • Display an account
  • Block/unblock an account
  • Set the deletion indicator
The above operations may be undertaken at the general/company code level.

Vendor Master Data has the following structure in SAP:
General Data

  • Name of the Vendor
  • Search Term
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Email, etc.

Company Code Data
Company code data only applies to one company code. This data is only relevant to Financial Accounting, and includes the account management data, Insurance data and Payment related data.

Purchasing Data
The purchase data is only relevant to Materials Management, and includes
the following data:

  • Order Currency
  • Terms of Payment
  • GR-Based Invoice Verification
  • Minimum Order Value

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