SAP GRC Configuration: Maintain Related Links for Entities

In this SAP GRC Customizing activity, you will learn how to maintain related internet links for each business entity. First you define the links, then you allocate them to each business entity.


To maintain links for entities:

  1. In the left hand navigation pane, select Link Definition, and then choose New Entries.
  2. In the Object ID column, enter a numeric value for the ID.
  3. In the Text column, enter the name of the link.
  4. In the URL column, enter the URL of the link..
  5. Save the entry.
  6. In the left hand navigation pane, double-click Business Entity.
  7. In the Business Entity table, select an entity, and then double-click Documents and Links.
  8. Choose New Entries.
  9. In the Object ID column, select an object ID from the dropdown list. This is the object ID you defined in the Link Definition steps.
  10. Save your entry.
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