Material Master MRP View Explanation Notes for SAP Users

In this document you will find MRP View of Material Master in SAP which is created / changed / displayed via MM01 / MM02 / MM03. Following are headlines from document:

  • Procurement Type (Plant Specific)
  • Special Procurement Type (at Plant level)
  • Batch Entry – Determination of batch entry in the process order
  • Back Flush Indicator
  • Issue Storage Location
  • Storage location for External Procurement (EP)
  • In-house production time (FG & SFG)
  • Planned delivery time in days (RM & STO Procured)
  • Goods receipt processing time in days (for all Materials)
  • Schedule Margin Key
  • Safety Stock
  • Dynamic Safety Stock (Coverage Profile)
  • Minimum Safety Stock/Service Level

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