Master Data in SAP Production Planning (PP)

Master data by definition is data that remains unchanged over an extended period of time. Master data contains information that is always used in the same way. The Master Data in SAP Production Planning Module are as follows.

  • Factory Calendar
  • Material Master
  • Resource
  • Bills of Material (BOM)
  • Production versions
  • Master recipe

Factory Calendar
The factory calendar is defined on the basis of a public holiday calendar. The validity period of a factory calendar must be within the validity period of the public holiday calendar. The public holiday and factory calendar is a central module in the SAP System. It is assigned to a specific plant during the initial system setup and therefore used in many areas (e.g. in Logistics and in Human Resources) in the system.

Material Master in SAP PP
Material Master comprises of all the basic data of the material for each department. The data covers all the relevant information required for the transactional flow, e.g. sales, planning, production of the material. Material Master covers all the descriptive and control data, and the flow of information depend on fields maintained within it. The integration of all material data in a single database object eliminates redundant data storage. Material Masters are created once and can be changed or extended whenever required

Bill of Materials in SAP PP
Bill of Materials or commonly called BOM is a formally structured list of components that make up a product or assembly. The list contains the material number of the component together with the quantity and unit of measure.
BOMs are used in their different forms in various situations where a finished product is assembled from several component parts or materials. Depending on the industry sector, they can also be called recipes or lists of ingredient and so on

Resources in SAP PP
Resources are production facilities and persons involved in a production process that have capacities. They are subdivided into categories to specify their suitability for certain purposes or their use in certain processes

Product Versions in SAP PP
A production version determines which alternative BOM is used together with which task list/master recipe to produce a material or create a master production schedule.
For one material, we can have several production versions for various validity periods and lot-size ranges.
The production version determines the following:

  • The BOM alternative for a BOM explosion.
  • The task list (master recipe) and any alternate, as needed.
  • Lot-size restrictions and validity parameters.

Master Recipes in SAP PP
The business object master recipe is the description of an enterprise-specific process in process industries that does not relate to a specific order. The master recipe is used for the manufacture of products or for rendering services.

A master recipe defines the following data that is required for the production of materials without relating to a particular order: processing steps, resources, material components, and control information for the process control level.

Master Recipe enables to plan the production of materials (products). Therefore, Master Recipe is used as a template for process orders and run schedules as well as a basis for product costing. In a Recipe

  • The Phases (work steps) to be carried out during production.
  • The activities to be performed in the operations as a basis for determining dates, capacity requirements and costs.
  • The use of materials during production.
  • The use of resource.


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