SAP Cross-Module Integrations: The Ultimate Guide

This document provides a comprehensive overview of cross-application integration in SAP systems, focusing on the representation of an organization’s structure and the relationships between various organizational elements across different modules. It emphasizes the importance of properly configuring the organizational structure and relationships during the implementation process to ensure seamless integration and data flow across modules.

The document covers essential topics such as organizational elements and their associations within the Finance (FI), Controlling (CO), Logistics (MM, SD), and Human Resources (HR) modules. The document aims to help SAP consultants, analysts, and project teams understand the big picture and the impacts of their decisions on other modules, ultimately facilitating effective integration within the SAP system.

Key Sections Covered:

  1. Organization structure and relationships between elements across modules
    • FICO organizational elements and their relationships
    • Logistics organizational elements and their relationships
  2. Representing the organization structure in SAP
    • Key SAP organizational elements and structures
    • SAP master data representing the organization structure
  3. Direct assignment of relationships
    • Core/essential relationships
    • Secondary relationships
    • Determining the FI Business Area from SD
  4. Indirect assignment of relationships
    • Profit center relationships
    • Relationships created in CO-PA (Profitability Analysis)
  5. Appendix: Essentials of Company Code-Controlling Area Assignments
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