SAP S4HANA Credit Management: Comprehensive Overview Presentation

This presentation document provides a comprehensive overview of SAP S/4HANA Credit Management. The presentation aims to equip attendees with a solid understanding of the credit management capabilities in S/4HANA and how they can be leveraged to implement company-wide credit policies, monitor customer credit exposure, automate credit decision processes, and integrate with external credit agencies.

List of topics covered in the presentation :

  1. What is SAP Credit Management?
  2. Credit Management Options for S/4HANA
  3. S/4HANA Credit Management Functional Overview
  4. S/4HANA Credit Management Transaction Codes
  5. Technical Setup
  6. Key Master Data

The document delves into the features, benefits, and configurations of each credit management option, providing insights into credit limit management, credit analysis, credit eventing, and associated Fiori apps. It also covers technical aspects, such as BAdIs, system landscape integration, and SAP Notes. Additionally, it highlights key master data elements, including business partner credit profiles, credit segments, risk classes, and credit check rules.

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