SAP FI-AA Asset Acquisition with PO End User Guide

This document serves as a guide for the Asset Acquisition process within the Asset Management module of SAP Finance. It covers the procedures and steps involved in capitalizing costs to fixed or intangible assets, including the acquisition process using Purchase Orders (POs).

The guide explains two main scenarios:

  1. Direct capitalization of acquisition costs to individual assets, and
  2. Capitalization of acquisition costs through an Asset Under Construction (AUC) account.

The guide covers essential steps such as creating asset master data, handling Purchase Order processes in the Materials Management (MM) module, recording goods receipts, posting acquisition costs, and capitalizing interest expenses to AUC accounts. It provides detailed instructions, including transaction codes (e.g., AW01N, ABZON) and menu paths, along with relevant screenshots to assist users in navigating the asset acquisition process within SAP.

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