SAP Activate Methodology in S/4HANA: Complete Overview Document

This PDF document provides an overview of SAP Activate, which is SAP’s implementation methodology for S/4HANA projects.

The document starts by providing background on the evolution of SAP products over time, from the initial R/1 system in the 1970s to the current S/4HANA platform. It then discusses the benefits and key characteristics of SAP Activate methodology.

The core elements of SAP Activate are then covered – Methodology, Tools, and Content. The methodology provides prescriptive guidance for project teams. Tools include configuration, testing, project management etc. Content refers to best practice business processes and configurations.

Key topics covered in the document are:

  • Evolution of SAP:
    • SAP R/1 system,
    • SAP R/2 system,
    • SAP R/3 System,
    • my SAP,
    • SAP ERP – ERP Central Component (ECC)
    • SAP Business Suite
    • SAP S/4 HANA
  • HANA Platform
  • SAP business suite 4 HANA
  • Fiori
  • SAP Fiori design principles
  • Benefits of SAP Activate
  • Key Characteristics of SAP Activate
  • SAP Quality principles
  • Elements of SAP Activate
  • Anatomy of SAP Activate Methodology Implementation Roadmap
  • Phases
  • Transition Scenarios
  • Methodologies, Tools and Content
  • Project Management workstream
  • Phases;  Discover, Prepare, Explore, Realize, Deploy Run

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